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5 Tips to Help You Get the Most out Of Facebook Advertising

Facebook might have been the subject of numerous controversies in the last few years, but Facebook advertising is the undisputable king of digital marketing. With the social media giant constantly launching new and improved advertising strategies, it’s a potent advertising platform for any business.


However, if you’re not a keen follower of Facebooking advertising developments, it’s easy to miss out on new changes that can propel your business to the next level.


This post takes a look at tips and new Facebook advertising features you can leverage to get the most out of FB Ads.


1. Create FB Ads for Highly Targeted Audiences


The more targeted your Facebook Ads are, the higher your chances of achieving a high ROI. The good new is that targeting a niche audience on Facebook is easy. Facebook advertising gives you the capacity to choose, to a granular level, the demographic you want to see your ads.


Think about age, interests, location, gender, etc. If you have an idea of your audiences’ preferences, you can tweak your FB Ads to reach them when and where it matters most.


But Facebook advertising’s sophistication doesn’t end there. Before even creating your ads, Facebook gives you access to user insights. You can use the insight to identify who likes and interacts your page the most, and thus who would be most interested in your offers.


Typically, it’s the people that engage with you often that respond to your ads positively. If you focus on the statistics you get form the platforms insights on your business page, your ramp up the chances of your target audience taking the action you desire when they come across your ads.


2. Customize Ads for Every Target Audience


Now you know how customers interact with your brand and have an idea of who to target. The next question is, will a one-size-fits-all ad communicate what you want to your entire audience? Or, do your need to customize one ad for several audiences?


Take a scenario where 70% of your client base is male and 30% is female. Will a single ad appeal to both demographics? Should you create one ad and hope it appeals to both men and women? Or would it make more sense to customize one ad targeting men and another targeting women?


If you’re thinking the latter sounds better, you’re right!


A specific ad might be popular with one demographic and not another. When you split this target audience and customize the ads for each, you stand to increase the performance of your FB advertising campaigns.


But the most important question is, doesn’t this translate to having two budgets for the same ad? The bottom line is that the smaller your target market, the higher your click through rate (CTR) and the lower your cost per click (CPC).


Essentially, what this means is that you get more leads for less! Definite win.


3. Create Unique Ads


Facebook Ads give you 135 characters and a single thumbnail lot to build your case to your customer. How do you make it count? For starters, go for high-impact images, preferably up-close shots that clearly align with your message. If you’re images are ambiguous, you risk turning off your audience, and getting them back is an uphill task.


To draw your audiences’ attention, use vibrant and clear images. Once you have the right image, it’s time to craft the text and make it interesting. Keep in mind that the point of running a Facebook advertising campaign is enticing your audience to take a particular action.


While an awesome photo will be the attention grabber, it’s the text that will close the deal. Put yourself in the customers shoe – what would compel you to click on an ad. Would you click on:

‘Modern Day Pro has the best business coaching services’




‘Want to grow your business exponentially? Get a custom digital marketing strategy for your business and a FREE assessment of your digital presence.’


Let me guess. If you were to come across these ads, the latter would be more appealing. Did you notice the call to action in the ad too? The secret to successful Facebook advertising is making an impact with your images, but most importantly, your text messaging.


4. Keep Testing Your Ads


There is no Facebook advertising playbook that guarantees ads will perform in a particular manner. As such, testing your ads regularly is critical for the success of your Facebook advertising campaigns. A/B testing allows you to figure out what is working and what’s not.


That way, you can retire or tweak ads that are struggling and boost their performance and ROI. The best way of testing your FB ads is running several versions of the same ad with similar intent for a period and analyzing how each performs. For underperforming ads, change the images or edit the text and track to see whether the changes trigger any improvements.


When you identify the successful ads, then you can channel a higher budget to bring in even more leads.


However, it’s also vital that you keep evaluating even the most successful campaigns as people’s preferences change and so do their engagement with ads. Continuous evaluation of your existing ads ensures you’re targeting the right audience and attracting quality leads at all times.


5. Do Your Own Bidding


Many business owners rely on Facebook to optimize their ads on a CPM basis. If advertising is not your core business, it’s easy to delegate this task as it can be time consuming and confusing for beginners.


But that also means that you lose out on the opportunity to choose the pricing model your Facebook advertising campaigns will adopt. As advertisers, we prefer using Facebook’s advance pricing model. How does that help? It allows us to set the CPM bids or switch over to CPC. In the end, this means we have control over where your ad budget goes and how it’s spent.