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Types of Digital Marketing and Advertising Campaigns to Grow Your Customer Base

Before digital marketing and advertising became as successful as they are today, businesses relied on traditional mediums to get their message across. They needed to hire a public relations team or an ad agency to help them with planning, producing, and launching digital campaigns.

With digital marketing/advertising becoming the most popular way for companies to reach potential customers, more businesses are venturing into digital platforms without any help from digital experts. However, these companies still need help from digital marketing consultants in order to come up with the best and most engaging digital campaigns.

In this article, you'll learn about digital marketing and advertising campaigns that you can do yourself:

1. Social Media Posts (Twitter / Facebook / Google+ etc.)

Social media digital marketing campaigns can be very impressive and effective. During your digital campaign, you can post about new products or features, run a competition to get more followers on social networks (you can also use other digital marketing methods such as email list building) - the possibilities are endless! 

Social media digital marketing campaigns are relatively easy to set up but success can only be achieved through consistent posting of interesting content that will attract potential customers' attention.

Your digital campaign should focus on what is relevant to your target market and how you'll solve their problems. If you're looking to increase business leads then choose social networks where your target audience spends most of their time online such as Facebook and Google+.

2. Landing Pages

Landing pages don't need any digital marketing campaign setup or planning. It's digital marketing 101! Most businesses already have landing pages such as their website home page, a specific product/service page - these are great digital marketing tools that can be used to entice potential customers and force them to take action (e.g., buy your products, download an ebook).

Have you noticed how many times during the day companies use this technique? Once you've decided on your digital campaign objective (to drive traffic to your site), start creating those digital landing pages with attention-grabbing headlines and images as well as persuasive copywriting.

Another digital campaign objective is lead generation. Since our target audience will land on our digital landing pages from a search engine result instead of being directed by marketers.

3. Blog Posts

Blogs, like landing pages, are digital marketing 101. Some digital campaigns can be run using the blog platform, and some cannot. If your digital campaign objective is to drive traffic, then writing a good quality blog post (a piece of content that addresses customers’ pain points) will definitely get you a few visitors online for free!

However, if you're looking to grow your customer base or generate leads, you'll need to do more than write an informative blog post. For instance, you could prominently display your social media icons in your blog post so that people could share them with their friends and followers on various social networks including Twitter and Facebook.

Social sharing digital campaigns work best when they are "top of the funnel" activities because new users who have just signed up for their digital media accounts are more likely to explore the social media digital campaign.

4. Microsites - Digital Campaigns for Small Businesses

I would say that digital microsite digital marketing campaigns are one of the most exciting digital campaigns out there! The only problem is that it can be quite expensive if you don't have an agency on your side, helping you create and manage your digital campaign.

Microsites can be created as part of a digital marketing campaign that targets both new customers and current customers in order to build loyalty towards your brand or products/services (microsites are usually linked with your main website). 

A good example is and where visitors can use these microsites to browse through Apple's digital products and compare prices.

Digital microsites like the above example are great digital marketing tools for companies with a huge digital campaign budget looking to build brand awareness, digital media engagement (if the visitor is interested in digital products), or new business leads.

5. Webinar - Sell Your Digital Products in Just Over an Hour!

If you're launching a product or service, then webinars would be an ideal digital campaign that you could run. The idea behind using webinars as a part of your digital marketing campaign is that potential customers will get to know more about the benefits of your solution and how it can help them solve their problem.

You'll want to make sure that before you start running your digital campaign with webinars, they are well optimized (check out this free guide on how to create killer webinars) so that they grab maximum attention from visitors who are not yet aware of what you have available online. The last thing you want is for them to leave your page right after clicking on the digital webinar link.

You'll want to attract people who are interested in your product or service by creating buzz around webinars and getting a few industry influencers or running ad campaigns to promote your webinar

This way, you won't have a tough time selling your solution when you go live on your webinar.

Remember that too much information about the goal(s) of the campaign can make people switch off - only disclose what they need to know at each step. For example, if somebody is just signing up for an ebook offer, then don't waste time explaining how this will also allow them to take advantage of a special discount code. 

Instead, keep it simple and just say they will receive additional info.

6. Email Marketing

Just as digital marketing and advertising campaigns allow businesses to reach their potential customers easily, email marketing can also spread the word about your business.

It allows you to connect with potential customers directly by sending emails that provide useful information or special offers to specific groups of people within your target audience. Email campaigns are one of the most cost-effective digital marketing methods available.

For example, let's say you own a clothing store in San Diego. When it comes time for Valentine's Day, instead of putting up posters around town with the usual cheesy hearts and flowers messages on them, publish an article online sharing how national statistics reveal that 86% of single men prefer receiving chocolate on Valentine's Day than jewelry or flowers from women who wish they were their significant other.

Then, include statistics that state how chocolate sales increase by at least 40% on Valentine's Day every year. You might also want to link back to your online store and provide a few suggestions for cool gifts men can give their ladies (chocolate included).

This digital marketing strategy allows you to create an email campaign that not only informs potential customers but entices them into visiting your digital store too.

To avoid being viewed as spam, it is always important to be mindful of the relevant digital marketing law in your country. The CAN-SPAM Act requires all emails sent out from businesses contain information about who they are from; i.e., company name, physical address, etc.

Also remember: make sure you have opted-in your digital audience when building email lists.

7. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is how your digital marketing and advertising campaigns will be found by potential customers in search engines like Google.

It's a must-do when planning digital marketing efforts because without it, you are unlikely to gather new digital leads.

The main benefits of SEO include:

  • Higher visibility in digital marketing channels;  i.e., Google search results, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn profiles, digital catalogs, etc.
  • More backlinks from credible websites that increase your digital credibility with search engines and prospective customers
  • Improved organic rankings for the relevant keywords that rank high on search engine listings
  • Costs very little money since most digital marketers do not outsource this type of work and can manage their own SEO campaigns pretty inexpensively

8. Pay-per-Click Advertising (PPC)

This digital marketing strategy allows businesses to turn digital ad space into a digital business tool by purchasing access to advertisements that appear on search engine listings, social media platforms, mobile applications, and even digital catalogs like Google and Bing.

PPC advertising is one of the most efficient and cost-effective digital marketing methods available today. It only costs you when someone clicks on your advertisement because you are only charged for views or impressions (the number of times your banner ad appears). 

It requires no ongoing money commitments from businesses since advertisers can choose how much they want to spend each day and adjust it at any time as needed.

Internet users quickly become annoyed with online ads that distract them from what they are doing online. Thus, PPC digital marketing campaigns need to be designed with digital usability in mind to ensure that your digital ads are as relevant and useful as possible for end-users.

For example, let's say you own a pet store in Los Angeles that sells dog supplies online. Let's also assume you want to generate more digital leads by advertising products on digital catalogs like Google and Bing Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

In this case, it would be best to create digital advertisements targeting people who have demonstrated specific interests or behaviors related to owning a dog by using the following keywords: 'pet groomer', 'dog food', 'funny videos of dogs,’ etc.  

The goal of this digital marketing strategy is to make digital ads relevant and useful for people who have already shown digital intent by searching for specific keywords related to pet care.

If you run a digital business and want more digital leads, then consider making digital advertising part of your digital marketing strategies. It might be the cost-effective solution you are looking for in order to boost your digital visibility without breaking the bank.

9. Mobile Marketing

With mobile devices like smartphones becoming increasingly popular among users, it is not surprising that businesses have started integrating mobile marketing into their digital marketing campaigns. As such, there has been an upsurge in demand for applications that help businesses get discovered and grow their client base using mobile devices.

Mobile digital marketing works by using popular mobile phone applications, such as social media apps like Instagram or Facebook, to reach a wider audience as these devices are now equipped with state of the art digital technology. Mobile digital marketing campaigns tend to use push notifications from digital platforms like Google Play and Apple's App Store to help businesses connect with potential customers.

As mobile digital marketing typically requires less investment than other forms of digital advertising, it is becoming one of the most popular choices for small businesses looking to establish their presence online and grow their client base.  This form of digital advertising also helps get your brand name out to a wider audience, even if they do not have your app on their mobile device.

In addition to digital platforms like Google Play and Apple's App Store, mobile digital marketing is also expanding to social media applications such as Snapchat. With more digital platforms integrating their services with Snapchat, it has become an effective digital marketing tool for businesses looking to promote or sell products.

In fact, in 2016, Snap Inc (the company behind the popular application) reported that over 25% of all snaps submitted were from commercial accounts.

The success of digital platforms like Google Play and Apple's App Store combined with advertising companies offering specialized packages have made mobile digital marketing one of the most sought-after digital marketing services. 

This form of digital campaign allows businesses to reach a wide audience without having to spend as much on digital equipment or digital marketing experts.

This makes mobile digital marketing one of the most cost-effective digital campaigns for small businesses looking to grow their client base.

Businesses can also choose from different types of digital advertising services like mobile digital display advertising, where they can promote their apps and other digital platforms via banners or interstitial videos.

This type of digital campaign is especially effective in countries that still rely heavily on cash transactions since users are required to download your app before making payments via digital banking platforms such as Paypal and digital wallets like Apple's Pay.

10. Marketing Automation

Content is still one of the most effective digital marketing techniques used by businesses looking to increase their online presence.

However, digital content like blogs can be time-consuming and requires significant investments in staff resources for digital marketing companies. This is where automation comes into play.

Marketing automation refers to a wide array of digital tools that help digital marketers create, edit and manage digital content automatically. With this type of digital campaign, businesses with limited resources can produce high-quality digital content without burning out their employees or draining their coffers. 

Moreover, these digital tools can integrate your blog posts, press releases, or social media posts seamlessly with other digital platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. As such, you will have more control over your customer base through digital advertisements and digital platforms.

Marketing automation can also help digital marketers track customers’ digital activities online. This allows digital marketing companies to create more personalized digital content for their customers as well as provide digital support services. 

For example, if you want your audience to access your digital products on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter, this helps in the creation of customized landing pages or website designs that will match your clientele's exact interests.

This type of digital campaign is especially useful for businesses trying to reach an international audience since it can assist with translations from one language to another. 

Businesses that are looking to grow internationally may also benefit from using translation software like Google Translate and Microsoft Translator to translate blog posts, press releases, or digital advertisements.

You don't need to be a digital marketing expert to know it can make or break your business. The digital world is changing at lightning speed. Service businesses of all sizes face stiff competition these days.

To win over customers in this tough economy, you have to give them a reason to choose your service over others. That's where digital marketing comes in handy.

If you're not already using the techniques above to grow your business, you're missing out on the chance of a lifetime. While some require an initial monetary investment, most only need your time input and they'll start generating the results you desire.