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Understanding Local SEO

Local SEO is a sub-branch of Search Engine Optimization that increases your brand's visibility by boosting your appearance in online searches for geographical search queries. If you want to attract more local customers, generate leads, and increase revenues, Local SEO is a potent tactic that will bring you customers who are ready to buy!

Attract Your Ideal Local Customer with Ease Using Local SEO

There are multiple ways of attracting customers, with advertising taking the bigger piece of that pie. But what happens when you don't have the budget to run an advertising campaign yet? At Modern Day Pro, we understand the challenges that businesses go through and have solutions for companies at every point of the journey.


Local SEO is not only affordable, but it's also an excellent way to be seen as it puts you in Google's snack pack – the results that appear in the first quarter of page 1 of Google as maps.

Here Is Why You Should Optimize Your Online Presence With Local SEO

  • Enhanced map visibility through optimization of your Google My Business page
  • Increased traffic of prospects who are ready to buy
  • More leads courtesy of local business citations
  • Increased, targeted, organic website traffic

Our Local SEO Service Guide

Whether you are looking to grow your digital presence, revenues, brand visibility, or customer loyalty, we can do it for you. Our comprehensive digital marketing strategies are uniquely crafted to scale easily and conform to the part of your growth journey you are in.

Competitor Analysis

Our competitor analysis is two-fold. We start by analyzing your highest-ranking competitors and identifying their marketing strategies. We then reverse engineer their ranking efforts and exploit the industry gaps they have neglected to enhance your appearance higher in search results.

Strategy & Implementation

Our competitor analysis forms the foundation for the Local SEO Strategy we develop for you. If you're looking to dominate relevant local searches for your region, Local SEO is your best bet.

Website & Local Pages

Local SEO is incomplete without a website audit and optimization. This includes optimizing your local, service, and product pages to dominate search in your preferred locations.

Link Building & Offsite SEO

Your Local SEO campaign goes beyond what's on your website. It's also about who is linking back to your site (backlinking), citations, local directories, and any other business details you share online like the company Name, Address, and Phone Number.

Google My Business (GMB)

Google introduced this local SEO feature in 2014, and ever since, it's an essential factor in local SEO optimization. We leverage years of experience to optimize your GMB page and ensure you appear in Google's snack pack for local searches.


Results & ROI Tracking

All these campaigns are worthless if you can't track the results and quantify the ROI. We'll provide monthly reports to show you the results of your Local SEO efforts.

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