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  • According to Forbes’ 2020 data, 55% of the world's population has Internet access: that means there are 4.2 billion users around who can buy your product or service from their mobile device! If you don't have a digital marketing plan, you're giving up your piece of this audience to your competitors.

  • Today’s marketing landscape is complicated and needs strategic solutions to help your brand cut through the noise and stand out. Creating a customer avatar helps you stay on top of the game. It allows you to create effective copy that “speaks” to your target audience and products or services that solve your customers' problems.

  • Digital marketing is not going anywhere. If anything, it's bound to get more popular in 2021. The question is, are you prepared enough to leverage digital marketing to propel your business to the next level?

  • As a coach, there’s no fulfillment, shipping, or packing to worry about. As such, it might seem like growing your coaching business will be straightforward. Indeed, selling a virtual product takes a lot off your plate. But growing your brand into a thriving business needs some work. One of the most critical aspects of business growth in this day and age is digital marketing.

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