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  • Today’s marketing landscape is complicated and needs strategic solutions to help your brand cut through the noise and stand out. Creating a customer avatar helps you stay on top of the game. It allows you to create effective copy that “speaks” to your target audience and products or services that solve your customers' problems.

  • Digital marketing is not going anywhere. If anything, it's bound to get more popular in 2021. The question is, are you prepared enough to leverage digital marketing to propel your business to the next level?

  • As a coach, there’s no fulfillment, shipping, or packing to worry about. As such, it might seem like growing your coaching business will be straightforward. Indeed, selling a virtual product takes a lot off your plate. But growing your brand into a thriving business needs some work. One of the most critical aspects of business growth in this day and age is digital marketing.

  • Sometimes, life catches up with you, throwing you off balance. So much so that the things you should focus on to ignite exponential business growth come to you as an afterthought. When starting out, the focus is more on creating products/services, nurturing customers, managing payroll, being there for your family and yourself, and so many other things. With all these competing for your time and attention, I understand why a strategic brand awareness campaign wouldn’t be at the top of your list.

  • Digital marketing is essential for any brand that wants to reach a huge audience. It helps you reach more consumers for less money than any traditional marketing method and is measurable using analytic unlike traditional advertising. Most importantly, it’s a highly effective way of knowing your customers and building brand loyalty.

  • Facebook might have been the subject of numerous controversies in the last few years, but Facebook advertising is the undisputable king of digital marketing. With the social media giant constantly launching new and improved advertising strategies, it’s a potent advertising platform for any business.


    However, if you’re not a keen follower of Facebooking advertising developments, it’s easy to miss out on new changes that can propel your business to the next level.